Sunday Drives

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Growing up on farm did not make it easy to get away because we didn’t have anyone to do chores while we were gone. I never remember taking a vacation away from the farm overnight at all while growing up. Yes we would go to our grandparent’s house in Williamsport and spend the night, or to our Aunt and Uncle’s cabin for the weekend but still went home to do chores. I think in a way our Sunday drives were our vacations. We would leave right after the breakfast dishes were done and the German bologna and cheese sandwiches were made and the drink jug was filled we would set out for our adventure for the day. We would never know in which direction my father would travel but more than likely we would go north toward Liberty, PA and down through Morris, PA through the lower portion of the PA Grand Canyon. This was his favorite route. My dad would put one of his bluegrass 8 tracks or maybe it was Marty Robbins or Johnny Cash in to the cars built in player and we would spend quality family time together in the station wagon. We would stop at the fish hatchery and see the beautiful colored fish swim around in their clear pools of running water, and eat our lunch, or stop by the Carsontown church or Little Pine State Park and use their comfort facilities. Finally ending up in Jersey Shore at the Alleghany Creamery for our favorite ice cream. I remember my dad’s as being teaberry, my mom’s was butter pecan and mine was whatever looked good at the time. I always had a hard time choosing from so many different flavors. We would finally reach home just in time to go out and so night time chores. It was nice to spend time together in the car with my family. Oh to be able to do that just one more time.


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