Passive Solar Greenhouse Passive Solar Greenhouse Starting the process Gerald and Caleb digging the holes for the upright support poles 140758231 Digging the holes for the upright support poles 140758232 putting up the rafters 140758233 putting up the rafter supports 140758234 more rafter work 140758235 finishing up the rafters 140758236 all of the rafters are done 140758237 putting on cross supports 140758238 cross supports are finished 140758239 140758240 insulating the foundation 140758241 starting to frame the end 140758242 framing the end 140758243 side view 140758244 tilling up the dirt to loosen it us so it is not so compact 140758245 tilling 140758246 Victor digging around the foundation for insulation 140758247 140758248 Gerald and Calebvroofing the north side 140758349 Gerald and Caleb finishing the roof 140758350 north side roof finished 140758351 South side Solar sheeting going on 142769403 Solar sheeting going on 142769404 South Side Solar Sheeting completer 142769405 Vegetables growing Here Gerald is harvesting Salad Greens 150681833 Growing Vegetables Harvesting Salad Greens 150681834 Finished Product 149032321 4 Seasons Farm Market Front of the Farm Market 150682891 165067235 165067237 165067351